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Liv Babra is author of Managing Your Debt. Currently in publication.​​
Our mission statement

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the BIA Act (Bankruptcy and Insolvency act) allows us to work with our clients with creative debt solution and exceed their expectations.
We strive to make our customized solutions, both affordable. 
In today’s economic environment we understand the hardships imposed by financial stress.
Through discrete consultation with our clients we develop specific solutions that guide them on a path to personal financial recovery and freedom.

Your dreams can come true

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Extensive knowledge  of the BIA act​

Authored book: Managing Your Debt​.

Debt load from $5000.00 and greater

We guide on legal grounds​​​​​​​​​

Working knowledge of solutions

Handle any unsecured debt
Our services include the following:

Credit cards
Old student loans
Unsecure lines of credit
407 ETR

 We offer the following sevices:  
Debt Consolidation
Financial Insolvency
We also provide following services​​ Free of      charge to all our current clients.
Help setting up a monthly budget.
Understanding your Credit report and flaging the danger signs.
Teach how to maintain a good score and building your score.
PS if you are not a current client a small service charge will apply for these services.
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As a trustee I found Liv to posses extensive knowledgable of the BIA act which he utilized to help the client to get a quick and successful resolution of their debt reduction.
“I have referred many people to Liv. He understands the pain and agony of going through the traditional process of debt relief. Liv helped my friends explore options that allowed them to keep their homes, cars and boats. What I like about Liv’s service is he walks his clients through the steps of the process in a dignified manner” … talk to Liv if you’re behind on payments or receiving collection calls. JD. Toronto
"Liv has saved my life and my family from declearing Bankruptcy. He helped me manage my debt. Now I have been able to start my own company" AK. Mississauga.

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